Grief Support

Grief Support

61 tips on the experience of Grief and how to help people through it.

The Grief Recovery Method®



The Grief Recovery Method® is the most comprehensive Grief Recovery Program which offer grievers the best possible assistance in dealing with the emotional pain of loss in any relationship.

By creating a safe emotional environment for a griever, I work with you to take the actions of Grief Recovery.


If you have landed on this page, you or someone you know may be suffering with a broken heart.


Hello my name is Suzen Wolf,

My deepest sympathy for your losses. I can not imagine how you feel because I don’t, and neither does anyone else. If you are reading this you may be in need of Grief Support.

The Grief Recovery Institute defines “grief as a normal and natural emotional reaction to loss of any kind; it is the conflicting feelings experienced by the change or end of a familiar pattern of behavior. In terms of death, grief can be the feeling of reaching out for someone who has always been there, only to find out when you need them one more time, they are no longer there.”

As an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist who suffered and grieved a number of tangible and intangible losses in my life, I personally went through the 8 session The Grief Recovery Method® Program which provides participants with a tried and true method for coping with grief. The best testimonial I can share is how the program helped move through my grief, heal from unresolved emotional pain, and rekindle my purpose and passion in life.

The Grief Recovery Method® Program is the only evidence based model of its kind which uses a series of small and guided action steps. Recovery means feeling better. It means claiming your circumstances instead of letting your circumstances take over your life and happiness. Recovery means finding new meaning in living your life. 

By creating a safe and confidential emotional environment for a griever, I walk with you to through the tools and to take the actions steps for Grief Recovery.

From my heart to yours, I invite you to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session.



The Grief Recovery Method® Guide to Loss


Are you suffering from a broken heart? Do you feel like everyone else has is together so why can’t I? If that’s the case there is a very good chance you are grieving an unresolved loss in your life.

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Download this eBook to find out about loss (even the ones you may not realize you have) and begin the emotional healing journey that will change your life.


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The Grief Recovery Method® Programs



We will always live with the loss…


…but we can take steps to recover from the pain of our grief caused by the loss, incompleteness, and undelivered communications.

If you are ready to heal your heart, participate 100% in all your relationships, love as completely as possible (including yourself), live life by design and not by default, then schedule a call with me and let’s start your Grief Recovery journey together. Our programs are offered One-on-One Grief Support and Grief Suppot Group Program are offered online.

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